Capas Spirit labradors

Foxrush Silk Copy 04.01.1999 - 25.09.2010


Ch. SV-91

Guideline`s Copyright

Sh. Ch. Rocheby Royal Oak Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby Sh. Ch. Poolstead Preferential
Poolstead Precious Pearl
Sh. Ch. Rocheby Acorn Playmate of Bensondale
Rocheby Polished Oak
Cambremer Copycat Ch. Kupros Master Mariner Sh.Ch./Am/Can Ch.Lindall Mastercraft
Kupros Bridget
Cambremer Montclair Sh.Ch. Fabracken Comedy Star
Sh.Ch. Cambremer St Clair
Watermere Bobby Sox to Foxrush Sh. Ch. Davricard Bobby Shafto Ch. Kupros Master Mariner Sh.Ch./Am/Can Ch. Lindall Mastercraft
Kupros Bridget
Davricard Browned Off Sh.Ch.Charway Blackthorn of Follytower
Sh.Ch. Bradking Bridgette of Davricard
Foxrush Mischief around Watermere Lindall Masterace at Rocheby Ch. Charway Ballywillwill
Lindall Classic
Sandylands Rhythm at Foxrush Sh.Ch. Ransom of Sandylands
Sandylands Bramble

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