Capas Spirit labradors

Capas Spirit Almond-eyed Princess 
17.09.2001 - 24.08.2007

Capas Spirit Almond-Eyed Princess Capas Spirit labradors

Poolstead Part and Parcel

HD 3-3

Sh.Ch. Poolstead Pipe Smoker Sh.Ch. Poolstead Preferential Sh.Ch.Poolstead Problem
Sh.Ch.Poolstead Preface
Poolstead Positive Mystery Ch.Charway Ballywillwill
Poolstead Package Holiday
Poolstead Pin-Feather Ch. Fabracken Comedy Star Ch. Martin of Mardas
Ch. Poolstead Pin-Up of Fabracken
Poolstead Puskas Sh.Ch. Poolstead Preferential
Sh.Ch. Poolstead Postal Vote
Foxrush Silk Copy

HD A1-A1

Ch. SV-91 Guideline,s Copyright Sh. Ch. Rocheby Royal Oak Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby
Sh.Ch. Rocheby Acorn
Cambremer Copycat Ch. Kupros Master Mariner
Cambremer Montclair
Watermere Bobby Sox to Foxrush Sh. Ch. Davricard Bobby Shafto Ch. Kupros Master Mariner
Davricard Browned Off
Foxrush Mischief around Watermere Lindall Masterace at Rocheby
Sandylands Rhythm at Foxrush

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