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After the graduation from the Moscow Institute of Electronic Mechanical engineering (faculty of Applied Mathematics) Iíve been distributed to the Russian Economic Academy by G.V.Plekhanov, where I have worked till 1993. During these years my hobby was a horse riding and also I dreamed of a dog. My first dog - German shepherd Kira - has presented me many happy years of dialogue with a fine animal; she also has given me a new profession of a dog trainer. Unfortunately the dog's life doesnít last long, so Kira left me in the summer of the year 2002. I'm thankful to my first Friend and I still remember her, even though now my life is brim-full with work and dialogue with dogs.

After I finished courses in 1992, I worked some years at School of Professional Animal Training of V.S.Varlakov in the team of the interesting people, who had talent of dialogue with animals and had owned unique technique of training. During these years Iíve prepared hundreds of dogs of every possible breeds at courses, which varied from obedience to protective training. Iíve also become an expert in obedience, have received a great operational experience and Iíve set up friendly relations with dog fans.


Since 1994, I became seriously interested in handling, besides training. More than 100 dogs of different breeds have become champions to this day with my help.


As time went by, I became some tired of the work with heavy and aggressive dogs. I wanted some relaxation and silent pleasures, life without iron muzzles, strict and electroshock collars and risk of being bit - the human is weak! It is natural, that retrievers attracted my attention.


I began "diving" in such breeds as Labrador and Golden; exhibitions, trips through Russia and Europe started; an interest to questions of breeding selection and cultivation appeared. Having finished cynologic trainings, Iíve received certificate of the expert-trainee.


My breeding nursery CAPAS SPIRIT has started in 1999 with two
 dogs, taken from very respectable show-kennels of England
 and France. The name was registered in 2001. We are members
 of the English Labrador-club (Midland Counties Labrador
 Retriever Club). In our work with breed the best English bloods guide us.


I want to express my special gratitude to my brother Alexander for his help and encouragement.


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